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Hello and Welcome! My name is Lyn Trenary. I am the mother of two grown children and work part time as a Registered Nurse. As an only child I grew up in a country home surrounded by woodlands. Daily adventures enhanced my love of nature and stirred my imagination.

I have always enjoyed some form of creative outlet throughout my life. Four years ago, eager for a new challenge, I purchased my first box of polymer clay. And so began my doll making career. Now my efforts are concentrated on miniature character and fantasy dolls. I was awarded Artisan status in May 2000 by the International Guild of Miniature Artisans, and Fellow status in March 2003.

It is important to me that I capture the carefree joy and innocence of childhood and convey these feelings in every doll I create.

I have never forgotten those long ago childhood adventures in the woods around my country home and the many imaginary, (or were they?) playmates. Thus, the name "Woodland Whispers".


My dolls have been featured in the following publications:

Dollhouse Miniatures Sept-Oct 2012
"Masters of Immortality"

Dollhouse Miniatures Nov-Dec 2012
Feature of I.G.M.A. Fellows

American Miniaturist November 2011

Miniature Collector December 2010
Miniature Collector Gallery "Papa Noel"
and Through the Looking Glass Two Faeries shown by Exceptional!

Miniature Collector Nov. 2010

American Miniaturist Oct. 2010

Dollhouse Miniatures Sept/Oct. 2010

Dollhouse and Miniature Scene 
"U.K.'s best miniature magazine" Sept. 2010

Cover of Miniature Collector April 2010

Miniature Collector Jan. 2008

Miniature Collector Nov. 2007

Dollhouse Miniatures July 2007

Dollhouse Miniatures Jan. 2007

Dollhouse Miniatures Oct. 2005

Miniature Collector Oct. 2002

Miniature Collector June 2002

Dainty Doll Newsletter March-April 2002

Miniature Collector Oct. 2001

Miniature Collector June 2001


Dollhouse Miniatures March 2000

Dollhouse Miniatures Feb. 2000

Dolls and Miniatures Spring 2000

Miniature Collector Jan. 2000

Dolls and Miniatures Winter 1999
Profile of my work

Show Me St. Louis Channel 5 Television Feature July 1999

Bellville News Democrat July 1999
Profile of my work

Belleville Journal July 1999
Profile of my work

Dollhouse Miniatures June 1999
"Faeries on Antique Shoe"

Miniature Collector April 1999
"Little Old Red" (A.K.A. Riding Hood)

Miniature Collector Sept. 1998
"Old Woman in a Shoe"

Dollhouse Miniatures Aug. 1998
"Marigold Farmhouse Wife"

Dolls and Miniatures Summer 1998
"Leopold and His Puppet"

Belleville News Democrat March 1997
Profile of my work

Belleville Journal July 1996
Profile of my work

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