doll with wings and fur hair dolls with red hair and rabbit rabbitdoll with lambdoll with rag dollpigletelf with hat

Miniature One of a Kind hand sculpted fairy, elf, art, character dolls and more from Lyn Trenary I.G.M.A. Fellow

Whether it be Miniature Storybook Character or Miniature Animal, my hope is that you experience emotion when you look at it. Creations begin when I hold a lump of clay. My thoughts begin a story about who or what will soon develop. As I work, more details of a story come to mind and all will be worked into the clay. Part of me is always captured in the clay. It is my belief that all sculpture carries a part of its creator's soul. And, it is that, which should capture the viewer with "the gaze".

When my dolls were juried in 2003 by I.G.M.A. I was granted Fellow status. Such a long way from the only child who grew up in the country with her parents in a small home in the middle of the woodland. Those woodlands are where my vivid imagination grew exponentially. I had many friends, Faeries, Elves, special characters that accompanied me daily in my adventures through the Oak trees, Ivy and Umbrella plants. All stories were richly detailed with their own fantasy story and costume. I can remember some still today.

Please, step into my world.....

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